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Pan-Canadian Study of Psychiatric Care (PCPC)

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In Canada, many people who would benefit from psychiatric care do not see a psychiatrist. Some argue that a psychiatrist shortage is to blame for access issues, though there is a steady number of psychiatrists relative to the Canadian population. Smaller practice sizes, rural under-supply, changes in the demographics of the psychiatrist workforce, and changing practice style may shape supply of psychiatric care, but this has only been explored in detail in Ontario. This project will adapt methods previously used in Ontario to develop comparable measures of the supply of psychiatric care and compare characteristics of the psychiatrist workforce in British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (MB), and Ontario (ON) using data routinely collected as part of health care delivery. We will also use qualitative interviews in BC, MB, ON, and Nova Scotia to study psychiatrist preferences for practice location and practice style, and the factors that lead to practice style selection. This will be the first multi-provincial study of the psychiatric workforce in Canada, providing information necessary for planners to ensure adequate access to psychiatric care.

Team Members

Nominated Principal Investigator: David Rudoler

Co-Principal Investigators: Emily G. Marshall,  Juveria Zaheer, Ruth Lavergne 

Co-Investigators and Collaborators: Agnes Grudniewicz, Alan Katz, Benoit Mulsant, James Bolton, Kim Good, Paul Kurdyak, Ridhwana Kaoser, Selene Etches, Jason Morrison, Phil Tibbo, Sandra Peterson


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Papers & Preprints

Rudoler, D., Lavergne, M. R., Marshall, E. G., Zaheer, J., Etches, S., Good, K. P., Grudniewicz, A., Katz, A., Kurdyak, P., Bolton, J., Kaoser, R., Moravac, C., Morrison, J., Mulsant, B., Peterson, S., & Tibbo, P. G. (2023). Pan-Canadian study of psychiatric care (PCPC): Protocol for a mixed-methods study. BMJ Open, 13(7), e073183. 

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